Airbnb’s 2016 Growth — and the effect of regulation

Many people have been asking questions about how fast Airbnb is growing, and whether regulations enacted by cities like San Francisco and New York, which cap the number of nights allowed for rent, are affecting that growth. We used our data to take a look at 2016 listing growth within mature U.S. markets (defined as … Continued

Everbooked Goes Pro!

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen incredible growth and success with our market analytics tools (Comparable Properties and Market Reports). We’ve built relationships with many satisfied clients, including most of the biggest names in the vacation rental industry. We’ve decided to focus 100% of … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Everbooked

I often hear how complicated intelligent pricing tools can be. I have good news for you: Everbooked is easy to understand, and you’ll be an expert after reading this brief introduction. A little about me… My name is Danny, and I’m an Airbnb property manager. I also run a website called, which provides a … Continued

3 Ways Vacation Rental Owners Can Use Guest Data to Increase Bookings

There is no denying that all types of businesses are increasingly looking to real data to up their marketing efforts, and this is no different in the travel sector. When it comes to achieving the edge over their competition, a Forbes study recently revealed that 67% of travel executives have done this using customer engagement … Continued

VRMA National 2016 Takeaways

A few weeks ago, from October 16th until the 19th, we were at the VRMA National conference. What’s VRMA, you may have just asked yourself? Well, it’s the Vacation Rental Managers Association, sometimes pronounced “Verma” after one too many drinks. Alcohol and acronyms don’t mix. We found ourselves in the middle of the desert: Chandler, … Continued

New Features: Multiple Airbnb Accounts, Sorting & More!

This month, we’ve been focused on some quality-of-life improvements for our clients who are professional managers with a lot of listings. Let’s dig in. Multiple Airbnb Accounts Since we started Everbooked, we’ve been asked the same question: When are you going to support multiple Airbnb accounts? Well, the time has come. Starting now, you are … Continued

New: Analytics, Booking Targets & More!

We just launched one of the biggest, most feature rich version of Everbooked we’ve ever released, and we’re excited to tell you about it. Quickly See Your Upcoming Bookings When you first log in, you’ll notice a new gauge to the right of each listing. This represents how booked you are 30, 60 and 90 … Continued

Get Your Listings Ready For Summer

  Summer is coming. The phrase isn’t as ominous as House Stark’s motto, but you don’t want to be caught flat footed for your busiest time of year. Having great pricing and knowledge of your markets are key components to your success, but if you’re losing visibility because your listings feel ‘too impersonal‘, then we … Continued

Meet In Person @ VRMA Denver – April 4 & 5

​ Ever wonder what team Everbooked looks like? David, our CEO, and Jason, our Partner Engineering Manager, will be at the VRMA West conference, which runs April 4-5 in Denver, Colorado. We’ll be at booth 19 – we’d love if you could stop by and say hello! We’re be doing a giveaway for a free … Continued

The State of Airbnb Hosting Report

Since we started Everbooked, our guiding principles have always been the same: collect and disseminate information about the Sharing Economy in ways that are useful for that community. That’s why we first created our Automatic Pricing engine to help hosts price their listings. Everything we’ve done since then is to further this goal. Today, we’re … Continued