The State of Airbnb Hosting Report

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airbnb-hosting-data-report-analysisSince we started Everbooked, our guiding principles have always been the same: collect and disseminate information about the Sharing Economy in ways that are useful for that community. That’s why we first created our Automatic Pricing engine to help hosts price their listings. Everything we’ve done since then is to further this goal.

Today, we’re so excited to share with you a first-of-its-kind study and report about the home-sharing industry, created in collaboration our partner Nothing like this has ever been tried before – the data just didn’t exist before Everbooked.

The report is huge. It’s 119 pages, with nearly every page doling out a keen insight on the home-sharing industry. It sheds light on who is the most successful on Airbnb, how the industry is growing and evolving, and what guests are looking for when booking an Airbnb.

Here are just a fraction of the insights this report has to offer:

  • Over 75 US hosts are grossing $1MM+ in rental income per year. However, the median income is only $3300/year.
  • 29% of surveyed hosts have never been guests on Airbnb.
  • 59.2% of current hosts surveyed are home sharing for supplemental income, but the number of those motivated to host for building wealth (16.9%) is growing.
  • Despite what the hotel industry says, the average annual occupancy of an Airbnb property is 17.1% — far less than most hotels. Shared rooms, Airbnb’s original mainstay, fare even worse — 12.4%.

This report isn’t just data; it also spells out in clear English the meaning of that data. This isn’t an academic paper – this is a report compiled directly for you.

You can find a link to the report over at LearnAirbnb. If you like it (and we know you will), feel free to share this link amongst your friends and your communities. Let’s all do our part to shine a light on the sharing economy and what it means to the world going forward.