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Everbooked's APIs allow you to integrate our pricing, comparable property valuation and market data directly into your application. Our data is perfect for travel, hospitality and real estate companies that want to better understand their markets and travel demand patterns.

API access is available to all users. Some data is included free with all accounts, but depending on the type and volume of data you need, there may be an additional fee. Please contact us to get API keys and documentation.

The Nightly Pricing API

Our nightly pricing API provides direct, API based access to our short-term rental pricing algorithms. We can price both Airbnb and non-Airbnb properties, and our algorithms return both a recommended price for each night, well as data on each of the individual 'factors' that go into the price.

The Comparable Property Valuation API

Our Comps API helps you value a subject property and compare it to it's neighbors. You provide a street address and some basic metadata ( number of bedrooms, etc.), and you'll get back information from our valuation models, high and low season price recommendations, and a complete list of nearby properties that are comparable.

The Travel Markets API

Our travel markets API gives you details about the markets we serve, down to the zip code level. We include key market statistics, as well as price, revenue and occupancy averages, and you can filter the data by a number of different dimensions. We also include source data for our travel demand factors -- seasonality, daily-of-week changes and events, so you can better understand local travel patterns.

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