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Venn diagram illistrating how different factors are ranked in the comps tool.

How Comps Analysis Works

Analyze Your Performance

Submit your listing and we will analyze your historical financial performance including nightly rental rate and occupancy rate.

Find Comparable Listings

We then build a pool of comparable Airbnb listings based on the number of bedrooms, guests it sleeps, and many other value-based factors.

Gain Powerful Insights

We benchmark your listing versus your local comparable property pool (aka the competition) and point out your financial opportunity areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the comps tool work?

Our algorithm attempts to mimic what a potential guest might do when searching for a place - namely, weighing factors and making a judgement as to which listings are the best comps.

Can I use the comps tool without an Everbooked account?

Yes, a demo of comps tool is available without an Everbooked account. Everbooked clients get up to a whopping twenty comps as well as revenue estimates so they can see what their neighbors are making. Thinking of investing in a property? You can use this tool to get an idea of revenue potential before you take the plunge.

How many comps are available?

If you have an Everbooked account, we’ll provide you up to 20 comps. Everbooked users also get access to revenue estimates on any Airbnb in our coverage area. Not yet an Everbooked account holder? We still find, sort and display several comps, along with pricing and occupancy data for you based on any US address you provide.

How is the 'unadjusted price' determined?

First, we take a look at your historical and current booking information to get a feel on the local market around your Airbnb. That tells us whether you’ve been pricing about right, too high or too low.

Next, our system looks at comparable Airbnb properties near you and applies what it learns about their pricing and booking patterns to your situation. The initial unadjusted price we provide for your listing is a great starting point - in many cases some tweaking may help optimize your listings pricing.

Can I enter a property address?

Yes! If you sign up for an account, you can create a "Manual Listing" user your own specifications, even hypothetical listings.