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How Automated Pricing Works

Import Your Prices

Securely connect your Airbnb account (or multiple accounts) to Everbooked to quickly import your listing calendars and prices.

Optimize Your Prices

We’ll then analyze your historical financial performance, compare it to 100’s of local market demand factors, and optimize your prices for you.

Automate Your Updates

Turn on Pricing Updates, sit back, and relax. Every day we will analyze changes in your local market demand and update your listing with the most profitable prices.

Earn More Profit

Current Everbooked Pricing clients earn between 14-38% more profit every month compared to pricing by hand. A few clicks can mean a lot more income!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main features of Everbooked’s Automatic Pricing? How does it work?

We monitor customer demand for your property around the clock. We analyze that demand, and automatically adjust your prices to maximize your revenue. Our algorithms and systems are more advanced than anything else on the market:

  • We monitor the market in real-time, and pricing changes are made within hours -- not days or weeks like some other systems.
  • We sync your pricing to your Airbnb calendar automatically.
  • Our algorithm is customizable -- you can set min or max prices, block off days, and more.
  • You can override individual days with prices you choose.
  • We're fully transparent -- we'll show you the local demand factors that are impacting your pricing for a given day.

Can Everbooked help me figure out my 'base' price?

Yes. In addition to helping you price to nightly demand, we can also help you figure out what your 'base' or 'unadjusted' price should be. We do this based on a number of attributes -- your property's comps, your historical booking rate, and more. Getting your unadjusted price right is critical – if you're too high, or too low, you're leaving money on the table.

How far out does Everbooked’s Automatic Pricing update my prices?

We optimize prices for your calendar for a whole year, and we refine those prices every day as the demand prediction models change. Users of our API can get pricing optimizations up to eighteen (18) months out.

Do you 'push' prices to VRBO / HomeAway / Flipkey?

We can! See our Custom Solutions page to get started.

Can I use your service on some of my properties, but not others?

Yes. When you first link your Airbnb account to Everbooked, we'll import your properties but not enable our pricing updates on any of them. You can then review the suggested pricing on each property, and enable them one-by-one. If you'd like to test us out with just one or two properties, we can certainly accommodate that.

Can I override your recommendations?

While we hope you'll be happy with our recommendations, our algorithm is fully customizable and you're welcome to override our prices at any time. Simply visit your property's calendar in the Everbooked app, click on a date or dates, and enter your desired price.

Can I cancel your service?

Of course. We'd hate to see you leave, but you can cancel your service at any time by contacting us.


How does Everbooked’s Automatic Pricing handle pricing updates to Airbnb if I have weekly or monthly pricing set?

Airbnb gives a percentage discount and is fully compatible with Everbooked's daily pricing updates.

Do Everbooked’s Automatic Pricing prices impact the base price or fees displayed on my Airbnb page?

No, we do not alter that information.

How frequently do you update my calendar?

For our Everbooked subscribers, we will update prices daily. If you're an Everbooked Pro subscriber, we'll update twice daily -- or more frequently if market conditions warrant. We also update whenever you manually make a change.

How do I link my Airbnb listings to my Everbooked account?

When you connect your Airbnb calendar to your Everbooked account, we automatically use all of your properties that are in our service area. We won't update your prices until you give us the OK, however.

How quickly does my Airbnb calendar get updated if I make a change?

99% of the time it normally takes less than one minute, but it may take up to half an hour.

Can I revert my prices to the original settings in Airbnb?

We can do this upon request.

What are the differences between Everbooked’s Automatic Pricing and Airbnb’s pricing tips?

  • Everbooked looks at more data than Airbnb does, including data from outside of the Airbnb ecosystem like hotel prices, events, and many other sources of data.
  • We give you the most comprehensive overview of the market to make sure you compete well against both hotels and other hosts.
  • Unlike Airbnb and other solutions, we show you our data in our Comps and Market Reports tools so you can validate your data. We understand that your Airbnb is a business, and we do everything we can to make sure you are fully in control.